Installing lower version of Ruby using ASDF

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Installing lower version of Ruby using ASDF

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Greetings! The other day, I was having trouble installing a lower version of Ruby using ASDF and after trying to solve around a bit, I figured out a solution. This solution might not work for everyone, but I wanted to share it in case it helps.

If you need to install a lower version of Ruby using ASDF and you are using a Mac OS and a chip M1:

asdf install ruby 2.5.6

and get this error:

Downloading openssl-1.1.1q.tar.gz...
Installing openssl-1.1.1q...
patching file 'test/v3ext.c'
Installed openssl-1.1.1q to /Users/diegonovais/.asdf/installs/ruby/2.5.6

Downloading ruby-2.5.6.tar.gz...
Installing ruby-2.5.6...

WARNING: ruby-2.5.6 is past its end of life and is now unsupported.
It no longer receives bug fixes or critical security updates.

ruby-build: using readline from homebrew

BUILD FAILED (macOS 13.1 using ruby-build 20220910.1)

Inspect or clean up the working tree at /var/folders/tz/30dwng7x0yj3wx155zn208rh0000gn/T/ruby-build.20230417122109.83173.Iy6xtk
Results logged to /var/folders/tz/30dwng7x0yj3wx155zn208rh0000gn/T/ruby-build.20230417122109.83173.log

Last 10 log lines:
compiling ../.././ext/psych/yaml/emitter.c
compiling ../.././ext/psych/yaml/parser.c
5 warnings generated.
26 warnings generated.
linking shared-object zlib.bundle
1 warning generated.
linking shared-object psych.bundle
436 warnings generated.
linking shared-object date_core.bundle
make: *** [build-ext] Error 2

To fix it, you need to run the following command:

RUBY_CFLAGS="-w" asdf install ruby 2.5.6

I hope that this content helps you! See you in the next article!